Jeg har gennem flere måneder hyret Suzann som personlig coach, for at styrke mine kommunikative og politiske færdigheder.

Suzann er en god inspirator og kontant sparringspartner, der får en til at forholde sig til ens egen person og fremtoning. Det har været yderst berigende og en stor fornøjelse at arbejde med Suzann. Jeg kan kun anbefale andre virksomhedsejere og ledere til at benytte sig af Suzann’s kompetencer til at opnå en større indsigt og forståelse af vigtigheden i, at kommunikere korrekt og effektivt, så ønskede resultater opnås.

Thomas Krebs,
Direktør, SKAD, Danmark. 


“I met Suzann Rye during a seminar on the power of the voice. I was amazed 
by her profound understanding of the mechanics of the vocal instrument, but 
perhaps even more importantly, I realized what a remarkable advocate of the
holistic dimension of the voice she is”.

Nabil Doss, Speaker, Voice Specialist, and Narrator, President 2008–2009, Canadian Association of Professional Speakers,
Montreal Chapter


“When I started teaching with Suzann over ten years ago, I was blown away by her uncanny ability to inspire and enthuse her students, and found myself learning alongside them. Just watching her draw the true voice out of nervous, timid students who truly felt they had none, was an education in itself – and I’m not ashamed to say that I borrowed many of her techniques for my own classes. 
As both musician and university lecturer, I know the importance of truly communicating and connecting with your audience – and how important finding your own voice is to achieving your goals in any sphere of life. What I learnt from Suzann has stayed with me, and proved just as useful from behind the lectern as it did onstage.
 Suzann is a wonderfully generous human being: she is truly the teacher’s teacher”.

A.P Langman, PhD, University Lecturer, Author, Journalist


“I am speechless! And not because Suzann cautioned me to rest my voice – but because she took her valuable time to address my specific problems and with such depth and knowledge.

 What a treasure she is to those of us fortunate enough to have her as our teacher. Her advice took me far beyond what might NEVER have happened had I gone on without it. Her complete mentoring approach is so evident in its success. All hidden stumbling blocks are all brought into the light.
Thank you Suzann from the bottom of my heart and soul for the tender, caring way you enfold your students with advice that treats the whole person – physically and emotionally. Only a truly dedicated and unselfish mentor could give from so deep within. What a blessing you truly are and I know that I am not alone in receiving your gifts. The beauty of your giving soul is gorgeous! With loving gratitude”.

Elinor Pierce aka Laurie Allyn, jazz artist/vocalist.


“Suzann offers profound insight that gently opens our minds to the splendor and intricacy of public speaking and personal truth. A fresh, holistic re-orientation to the significance and value of staying true to our authentic ‘voice’ and relinquishing limiting beliefs. I am more aware that when we internalize our ability to connect and communicate with our authentic voice, it becomes our powerful ally not only for public speaking, but in any context of our life”.

Lucy Beal, M.S., N.C.C., “America’s Optimism Coach,” Author of Marriage Under Construction, Motivational Speaker and founder, “Optimistic Hearts of America” Campaign


“Feel empowered, gain confidence in your ability to communicate as a speaker or performer, and develop the courage to go after your dreams. Suzann reveals the secrets to performance success and connecting one’s voice with their inner self. She will show you how to connect with the multi-dimensional strength of your voice and your ability to perform through daily practice, voice exercises, clarifying your goals, meditation, visualization, affirmations, and much more. For anyone that is ready to experience phenomenal growth and success not only in the performing arts, but in any arena of every day life!”

Cari LaGrange Murphy, Best Selling Inspirational and Spiritual Author and Empowerment Mentor Worldwide


“Take Suzann Rye’s advice: Learn how to make friends with your voice! This program is full coverage for your mind, body and spirit. Benefit from all the practical examples, exercises and wealth of information this unique package offers. Add power, sparkle and an inner smile to your performance. AND your life! Enjoy!”

Margaret Jankowsky, TM Advanced Communicator Gold, Speaker, Intercultural Communication Trainer and Coach


“For anybody who relies on their voice. In particular the section on vocal training provides an incredibly comprehensive explanation of the many aspects of voice quality and provides a full set of exercises allowing them to be developed. As a speaker and trainer I have previously bought several programs in this area, and this one is quite simply the best of them”.

Michael Nicholas, author of Being The Effective Leader,


“Suzann Rye has designed a course which will absolutely inspire and empower you. 
In a step by step approach, she helps you discover and connect with your true voice – the real you, or the Dream Character, as she calls it. 
She touches on the spiritual, the emotional and the physical aspects of performance allowing you to create an authentic, harmonious, and whole stage persona.
 Learn from Suzann’s twenty years stage experience, and let her help you find your Dream Character”.

Roger N Quevillon , M.Msc with the University of Sedona, Co-Author of Living in Clarity, from the best selling series, Wake Up Live The Life You Love,


“I have had the pleasure and privilege to work with Suzann Rye in studio and live concert situations at the „Musik og Teaterhøjskolen“ (college for music and theater studies) in Denmark. 
Her dedication and professionalism to her students has been admired by the entire faculty and most of all her students. Her „Dream Character Program“, designed to help the students perform better and develop overall inner peace and confidence, was an integral part of both her vocal and self-development classes. Even after a grueling touring day, Suzann was never tired to spend hours with her students for a Dream Character Session.
 Suzann Rye is a remarkable, inspirational and a fantastic individual”.

Soomi Lunau, Sound Engineer,Teacher,


“A few years ago I was a very different person that I am now. I had very low self-esteem. I felt something deep inside of me, an urge to LIVE, to BE more and to express what I felt was my true self to the world – but I was afraid.

 Then I came across a voice workshop run by Suzann. My life has never since been the same. What I learned in that workshop (and the following three) completely set me on a totally new course. Suzann Rye is the most amazing teacher I have ever come across. She has the ability to build on people’s confidence beyond anything you could possibly imagine. She literally helped me change my whole life around.

 Suzann’s work goes far beyond the boundaries of just teaching people how to use their voice. For the first time in my life I experienced what it meant to really be heard. I discovered potential within myself that far exceeded any expectations I had when I first went for voice training.
 I am now a very successful coach in my own right. I have gone from being a stay at home wife and mom – to running several successful businesses, being involved with a state funded project for challenged kids, being headhunted for a huge overseas venture, and setting up a TV show! My life has literally transformed – all in a few years time.

 Suzann made me explore endless possibilities, and gave me the confidence and self-belief that I needed to grow. My gratitude will always be with her. I’m not ever going back to that fearful person that I once was – I’m gonna live life FULLY for the rest of my days! I found MY voice! Your can too. If you want to make a great investment in yourself and your future, this should be it.”

Sue Kemp, Entrepreneur, Vocal Coach, Counselor, Former Student & Colleague.


“Suzann’s holistic approach to voice training will benefit speakers looking to break free of formulaic approaches to overcoming speech fright that just don’t work”.

Susan Berkley, Author of, “Speak to Influence: How to unlock the hidden power of your voice”,


“Suzann goes far and above sharing her expertise on how to develop your unique voice. I had fun ‘belting’ and projecting and de-frogging my voice thanks to her invaluable lessons. She teaches you how to use your voice most effectively and shares the importance of learning all of this. Her lessons on creating your finest, most tuned voice is easy to follow with her instruction and exercise. Her inspiring words of encouragement and life instructions on following your own personal ‘calling’, triggers action and motivation. A standing ovation for Suzann!”

Gail Foley, Relationship Marketing Coach, Speaker and Trainer, Author of Stop the Ride – Taming The Emotional Roller Coaster


“Suzann Rye tackles your fears, expands your comfort zone and emphasizes several breathing/projection exercises to improve your delivery. After she builds your confidence and your stage presence and you think there is nothing more, she digs down deeper to help you discover and remove what is holding you back”.

Mark Cravens, Author of The Ten Commandments of Investing™, Discover Ten Keys to Find High-Return Investments, Without Losing Your Hard-Earned Money,


“Goes beyond any conventional speaker training that I’ve come across so far. It is about communication; how to connect and communicate heart to heart. And it’s about building confidence – the kind of confidence that allows you to speak in you own voice, both literally and metaphorically”.

Joyce Jackson, Child safety expert, #1 International bestselling author, consultant, speaker, Keeping Kids Safe


“This is really something fresh, exciting, and entertaining for speakers and personal development teachers and anyone prepared to take their life and their speaking skills to a new level”.

Douglas Vermeeren – North Americas Achievement Expert, Host of the television show; Success Factor, Creator of The Opus


“Suzann is an incredibly dedicated individual. She has a uncanny ability to immediately read and understand people. She is able to point out exactly what is holding you back – and what you need to do to change it. Suzann taught me so much about myself. I’m so grateful to know her and to be able to continuously learn from her vast experience, honesty and wisdom. I have come across very few people who posses the same qualities as her”.

Ingrid Knudsen, 
Former Student.


“Suzann Rye really knows her stuff. Years of stage experience and goodwill to share freely shines through. Rye takes you by the hand and leads you safely through the ins and outs of stage performance – adding to your confidence every step of the way. VERY comprehensive – and entertaining too! 
Brilliant – an absolute must for stage performers of all levels!”

Henrik Abel, Entertainer, Stand Up Comedian, Actor.


“For a long time I suffered from low self-esteem and a fear of facing other people. 
I had no belief in myself. The thought of performing on stage terrified me!
 Then I stared working with Suzann. We were about 40 people in a group. 
I noticed that something extraordinary was happening. Suzann was gradually leading us to a totally new way of expressing ourselves. Instead of merely focusing on the technical stuff she was showing us how to face our fears relating to our voices – the very thing that forces our voices to stay silent.

 For me, my worst fear was always people judging me and thinking ill of me. Suzann helped me face that fear. Now I enjoy life as a performer. I am calm and comfortable on stage and I no longer make myself “small“. 
I recommend anyone to work with Suzann”.

Freyja Skov,
 Former Student.


“I was always very nervous and insecure when performing in front of others. But working with the Dream Character gave me so much strength and confidence. 
Suzann helped me understand that you can become exactly what you dream about. And you CAN get everything that you really wish for. At first I didn’t believe when she said to me; “If you see yourself as you imagine yourself on stage – it becomes real”… But she was right. 
Now I feel one with my Dream Character. It no longer represents somebody that I would like to be – it simply IS me. This program is definitely something any performer should work with”.

Maja Hviid,
 Former Student.


“Suzann is not like most people I’ve ever met – she’s extraordinarily positive. It’s simply impossible not be inspired by her. 
She told me that I could be anything I wanted to be, as long as I believed it. She inspired me to believe in the power of mind. It worked. It has helped me ever since to control my nerves before going on stage. 
I have enormous respect for Suzann and her work. She somehow manages to make you feel special. She makes you realize that you deserve to follow your dreams – that your can and should follow them”.

Mia Louise Andresen, Former student.

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